VFIS - Firefighter & EMS's Mutual Aid Self-Assessment is a resource that allows Emergency Service Organizations to self-assess their operations. It's an easy way for ESO's to identify which VFIS resources best meets their risk control, training and education needs. Try it here:http://www.vfis.com/mutualaid/default.aspx

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Looking for a ride to Crater Lake.

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are you thinking about marriage???


Nopeeee. I’d need a stable lasting relationship to be thinking about that…which I definitely don’t have right now. Although when it was.. yes I definitely thought about the potential of it..
Why do you ask?

Never bring your TRUCK through a Shell gas station car wash

There is such an incredibly small margin of error you will come out scared for your trucks life! I almost just scratched slash dented the shit out of my truck 😳😩 don’t do it!!!


" you’re gonna have that tattoo for the rest of your life"

Wow really?

I didn’t..

are you serious?

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Prerequisite for boyfriend slash husband: dogs are not allowed to sleep in the bed. It’s disgusting, and there’s hair everywhere and that does not make me want to sleep in bed with you. Also.. The dog doesn’t have to go everywhere with you… Like going out to dinner and ice cream on a impromptu date. Leave the damn dog home….


"The hyper-sexualization of little girls and their bodies, as a mother, really bothers me. It plays into the sexualization of their bodies into their teenager years and adult life. It makes them grow up faster than they need to. Let them be little girls, have fun, be able to play in the playground and not worry about going on the monkey bars because someone’s going to see their underwear. Something like this constricts their movements, which affects the way they play."

Jenny Reid, a volunteer firefighter with Langford Fire Rescue, says the costume is not only offensive to women in her field, it’s also damaging to the self-esteem of little girls.

"That costume is awful and it sends the wrong message," she says. "It reinforces that there are still jobs that are off-limits to women. It’s not a representation of the real job. Little girls can do whatever they want. They shouldn’t be restricted. Those types of costumes put so many limitations on them. They don’t build the self-esteem and confidence you need to be a firefighter or police officer." " [x]

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Awesome! :) So how long have you been a firefighter?

A little over 2 years now!

Howdy Lauren - I hope you don't mind a fellow firefighter following you on here! :D

Of course not! :)

Random but relevant thought of the day…

When I tell people that I work for ______ fire department, a lot of the time the response is “oh what do you do for them?” Uhhh I’m a firefighter lol. I wonder if guys get asked that too?



Dynjandi is one of the most magnificent waterfalls I have ever seen.

I’m crying. Look at how tiny that person is. This is incredible.


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